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Get paid for asking and
answering quality questions

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Earn by receiving upvotes for your quality questions and answers.


Earn curation rewards by upvoting high quality questions before other users do.

Large Community

With over 700,000 people on Steemit, your questions and answers will be engaged with regularly.

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Have an amazing experience using our app without any interferences.

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Earn coins for asking and answering questions

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What - Decentralized Q&A App Now On iOS App Store

Dear STEEM Community, we are excited to let you know that we've put What on the iOS app store...

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What Update (Q&A App) - Steem Connect Mobile Integration, No Fees & Release Next Month

Hi everyone, the app is coming along really good and we're making this post to update you on our...

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What - A Decentralized Q&A Mobile App using STEEM Blockchain

This is a decentralized Q&A mobile app on the STEEM blockchain being developed for iOS and Android.

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